Pagans in the Park

Pagans in the Park – Ostara

March 24th

This gathering will be a short Ostara ritual to celebrate the Spring Equinox.

The ritual will begin at 5pm at the quarry and last about 20 minutes.

The ritual is also scripted, so anyone, regardless of experience, can participate (call quarters, deity, cakes and ale, etc.). Afterwards, there will be time for picnicking and socializing.

***Ritual garb and tools are welcome, but please leave your athame at home as this is a public park and blades are prohibited***

The ritual will be held at Meade’s Quarry (part of Ijams Nature Center) near the overlook for the lake. To get to the area, follow the train tracks from the parking lot (with the lake on your right). You will see a clear path to the right of the tracks as you leave the parking area, that leads to the overlook and a raised flat area. We will be holding ritual there.

PPET’s Pagans in the Park gatherings are open, public, gatherings hosted by Pagan Pride of Easth TN. These rituals are designed for solitary practitioners who wish to connect with others, individuals not associated with any specific group/path, or for those who are just curious or new to Paganism. The hope is to bring more visibility and understanding to the Pagan Community in general, while also allowing individuals to connect with one another spiritually.

Anyone who is respectful is welcome to attend, participate, or just watch.

*Map and directions to Mead’s Quarry*