TradShare 2014


COME — Our goal with the TradShare is to provide an opportunity for local people and groups who are interested in Paganism, Neopagan, Magickal, and spiritual experiences to meet and get to know each other.

LEARN — We want to create a safe place for everyone to experience each other – our diversity.

TEACH — There is no better way to teach than by example and involvement in our community.

JOIN — Whether it is joining a group or just becoming part of the greater community and experiencing our local groups.

SHARE — a little of yourself with all of us. . . .

Dr. Bruce MacLennan, Author of The Wisdom of Hypatia will be doing a workshop and book signing.

Sacred Fire Drums will be doing a workshop and leading a drumming at the end of the event.

Please pm Thorne if your group would be interested in having a table at the event and he will get back to you following the Spring Event Planning meeting in Jan.

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